A mesmerising trilogy of novels by William Golding has been adapted into a magnificent three part mini series which charts a dazzling and hazardous sea journey from England to Australia during the 19th Century.

Young aristocrat, the arrogant Edmund Talbot (Benedict Cumberbatch – Hawking, Dunkirk) is on his way to Australia to take up a government post there. He boards a decrepit 18th century wooden war ship, crammed full of a bewildering mix of officers, seamen and passengers under the hostile command of Captain Anderson (Jared Harris – Resident Evil, Sylvia). The voyage is rough and dangerous and from the start, tensions grow within the close confines of the ship. Anderson resents Edmund’s aristocratic presence on board while Edmund finds himself naively involved in the lives of passengers and crew he would not normally meet. It is these relationships, especially that with the free-thinking radical, Mr. Prettiman (Sam Neill –Jessica, Wimbledon) and situations created by constrained life on board ship, which influence Edmund’s perception of the world he lives in and will change him for ever.

Weeks pass, and the safety of the increasingly dilapidated vessel is threatened by raging storms and the possible danger from rogue French war ships. When the ship’s foremast is damaged the passengers are terrified that they will die either by drowning or starvation, as supplies run low. But despite these perils the ship finally reaches Australia and Edmund has to come to terms with the fact that he and his fellow voyagers, some of whom he has formed a close bond with, must all return to their different worlds.

Notions of love, courage, guilt, cowardice, morality and brutality are portrayed as never before in this outstanding production of a breathtaking adventure on the high seas.

6 hour mini series