Jamie is a sweet and sensitive 10 year old girl who is alienated by her school peers fortrying to be a singer. Her pets, who are also her best and only friends are “the gang.”The gang are a posh cat named Eena and a giant snail named Lolly who cheer her updaily by singing to her. Jamie dreams of being the lead singer for a “Pop Glam Rock”band but has no musical talent whatsoever .When an other-worldly creature with magical powers named Frooze comes to Earthfor a special mission, he meets Jamie and the gang. Frooze, feeling sorry for Jamie,makes her wishes come true by magically giving Jamie, “the gang” and himself alteregos, turning them into a genuine “Pop Glam Rock” band. They write, sing, play musictogether and name their band “Thunderbolt Boomberang.” Fooling everyone with theirnew personas, their songs become huge hits, even amongst the bullies at school, makingthem famous throughout the universe!Each day is a wacky, galactic adventure but Frooze always manages to get Jamie and "thegang" back to their true identities and home in time for dinner!

2D Children's Animation
Approximately 56 x 22 Minutes