Matt Hanlon, has one responsibility... Get his kids to Aunt Tess's house by Christmas Day or his wife will be more than crazy mad at him. No big deal because he has three days to get there and it's only an 800 mile drive. What he didn't count on was getting lost during a freak mountain storm and ending up having to rely on the kindness of Bonnie Kate, a 70 something cowgirl protector of a hidden herd of wild horses.

Matt and the kids learn that one of the oldest mares, aptly named Maria, is about to have a baby and Bonnie is worried. Over the years the now very small herds' biggest enemy has been a series of wild-horse thieves. This year they come in the form of a couple of dim-witted local high-school dropouts named Tank and Bones.

Fortunately, this Christmas, Bonnie has some much needed help in squelching the evil
deeds of the bumblingly-humorous encounters with Tank and Bones.

In the end, Maria has separated herself from the herd and is feared lost... but just as the Christmas Eve clock strikes midnight Maria and her foal are found safe and sound.

Bonnie gives the Hanlon's the honor of naming the Colt... Christmas.


Family Feature Film
Approximately 85 Minutes
Also Available in High Definition