Lured by the promise of fame and fortune, a young girl becomes entangled in an internet modelling scam. Losing sight of all that she values, she is forced to come face to face with the dark consequences of her choice.

Smart, free-thinking, 16 year old Mia (Sarah Lind) is having a hard time. Her mother is hounding her to get a job, while she’s competing against the most popular girl in school for the attentions of debating club heart-throb, Justin. Whilst taunting the wannabe pop stars at the ‘Next Big Thing’ talent competition, Mia is surprised when modelling agent, Malcolm Lowe (J.R. Bourne), approaches her. But Malcolm is not the only one who has noticed Mia. A shadowy figure lurking in the sidelines has secretly captured her on videotape…

Mia and her mother Abby, (Mimi Rogers) consider Malcolm’s offer. He charms them, convincing them both that his business is legitimate. His stylist, Simone, transforms Mia’s dowdy image into a sexy new look, and Mia and her mother are soon revelling in her new found fortune. But despite the glamour and the new boyfriend (Justin), Mia becomes concerned when Malcolm reveals her sexy MiaModel website. What was once a dream soon becomes a nightmare. She begins receiving threatening letters via her website and it becomes clear that Mia has a dangerous stalker. When a plot to catch the psychopath goes horribly wrong, Mia barely escapes with her life and discovers that Malcolm has had a hidden agenda all along.