Meet Joey, a fun-loving, energetic, happy-go-lucky Golden Labrador Retriever pup whose tail-wagging adventures will thrill, delight and brighten any occasion and every day. A Christmas adventure of a boy and his dog, or maybe it’s a dog and his boy., when their frolicking fun, fearless feats and furry friendship puts them face-to-face with a sinister senior citizen. But can Joey, the neighborhood nuisance, save Santa Claus from near disaster? Nate is a happy ten year old boy who has to take care of the rambunctious, four-pawed, wet-nosed, free-spirited, fur-bomb Joey. Together, they are a perfect pair of pals, going everywhere and doing everything together. Christmas finds our tireless, twosome, Joey and Nate on an adventure like none other as they discover not everyone is who they appear to be. Will our team be able to solve the mystery and save Christmas for the town of Fairmount? The whole family will enjoy this exciting and heart warming holiday special, as Joey and Nate celebrate the special bond of a boy and his dog as they fearlessly face the world together.

2D Children’s Animation
1 x 44 Minute or 1 x 28 Minute Episode