Harley, a thoroughbred with royal bloodlines, is being groomed to replace his
father's success at Willowbrook Farms. Harley's rapid success leads him to new physical challenges. An accident before competition spooks him and fearing a fate
like his father, he runs away.

Days later, Harley is found by a rancher and his daughter. Unable to find the owner, they nurture him back to health. Discovering Harley's amazing ability for jumping, the girl includes Harley as her partner in her horse club competitions.

Harley's talent is noticed immediately and is claimed by his true owner. Reluctantly the girl gives him up and he returns to Willowbrook Farms.

Harley just wants to return to the ranch in the green hills but will he ever get back there?


Family Feature Film
Approximately 80 Minutes
Also Available in High Definition / Color