British diplomat Ian Porter (Dougray Scott) is apprehended at Heathrow airport in possession of 20 kilos of heroin. Porter’s unwillingness to co-operate leaves Scotland Yard Inspector Julie Hales (Rachael Blake) believing he is doing business with Russian arms and drugs trafficker Sergei Krousov (Don Hany).

Unaware that Krousov has intentions to sell a suitcase bomb, Scotland Yard offers to cut Porter a deal to turn on Krousov. In return, they’ll grant him immunity from prosecution and entry into their International Witness Protection Scheme.

Chief Inspector Hales accompanies Porter and his wife (Claire Forlani) to Sydney, where chameleon Porter believes his handler at MI6 (Richard Roxburgh as Van Koors) can manipulate the Australian Federal Police protection team to allow him to complete his mission.

Australian Federal Police agent Mark Wilson (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) and Chief Inspector Hales have no idea of Porter’s MI6 links, so when their security is stunningly breached all hell breaks loose.

Taking you to the edge of your seat and beyond, False Witness navigates the murky world of international intelligence with an explosive, unstoppable and credible chain reaction of events.

Thriller, Suspense & Crime
2 Episodes
120 Mins