The Circus tells the story of Sara, a young girl who is enchanted by a circus that arrives in her small hometown. Enthralled with the idea of adventure, Sara forms a close bond with the circus’ main attraction, Africa the elephant.

The small community is ruled with an iron fist by Sara’s father, the strict Tomas who’s wary attitude to the circus is instilled in the community.

Despite his fiery warnings, gradually the locals warm to their new neighbours, especially after Africa, the circus elephant, helps rescue a group of trapped tin miners.

After a lifetime trapped by her father's oppression, the circus opens the door to adventure and opens Sara's heart to the world of her dreams.

As the circus performers transform the countryside into a colourful arena for entertainment, and through the joyous reverie of the itinerant circus folk, Sara begins to stand on her own two feet and decide her own future.

If only it were that easy.

Family, Historical & Period Drama
1 Episode
120 Mins