Casanova (David Tennant - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Bright Young Things) takes us from the decadent streets of the 18th Century Venice to the salons of pre-revolution Paris, and on to the London courts of George III, until a trip to Naples finally breaks Casanova's heart. In the Age of Reason and Science, gambling and gallantries, of pleasure and entertainment, Casanova has it all, does it all. In turn he is a violinist, a priest, a gambler, a lottery director and intellectual. He is both peasant and nobleman, rich and poor. But he is one thing above all others - a lover. Sex is Casanova's lifeblood. But he is never casual nor flippant. He loves with total commitment and total sincerity, however temporarily. He sleeps with courtesans, actresses and even a nun. His life is dedicated to pleasure. But one thing eludes him throughout his life - perfect happiness with his one true love, Henriette (Laura Fraser - Vanilla Sky, A Knight's Tale).

44 years later, Casanova (Peter O'Toole - Troy, Gulliver's Travels), a librarian in a castle, fare exiled from Venice, is dying. Into his life comes Edith (Rose Byrne - Troy, I Capture the Castle), a young parlour maid. Something in Edith ignites the old passion in Casanova and he finds himself regaling her with tales of his adventures. Through Edith, he learns to love the old Casanova again and sends out messengers in search of Henriette. It is one last, desperate attempt to see the woman he loves before he dies.

Fast paced and edgy, the mini series alternates between the gripping love triangle involving the young Casanova, Henriette and her husband, Grimani (Rupert Penry-Jones - Charlotte Gray, Hilary and Jackie) and the swan song of the world's most notorious lothario.

Historical & Period Drama
2 Episodes
120 Mins