Maverick academic and soviet historian Fluke Kelso (DANIEL CRAIG – Casino Royale, Layer Cake), is expecting to leave Russia for good. That is, until a surprise visit from Papu Rapava, a former NKVD officer, reveals some information that could lead him to uncover one of Russia’s most closely guarded and unimaginable, national secrets.

Rapava, one time bodyguard to Beria, Stalin’s Chief of Police, claims to have buried Stalin’s secret notebook on the night of his death, in the grounds of Beria’s house, where it still lies today. When the old man disappears, later found murdered, Kelso is convinced there must be some truth to his story. Lured by the possibility of such a historical find, he seeks out Rapava’s estranged daughter, Zinaida (YEKATERINA REDNIKOVA – Kaunassky Blues, Falling Through), from Moscow’s seedy, after dark haunts, to help him unravel her father’s mysterious legacy.

When hungry reporter, TV newsman RJ O’Brian (GABRIEL MACHT – The Recruit, Behind Enemy Lines) chases them to the remote northern port of Archangel, they know they are onto something. And there are others, more desperate to protect the truth than even Kelso and Zinaida are to find it. Kelso and Zinaida find themselves inextricably immersed in a world of violence and political intrigue as they begin to unearth the frightening truth behind Stalin’s secret lover and his forgotten child…

A fast paced contemporary mystery, set amongst the frozen landscapes of deepest Russia. Based on the best selling novel by Robert Harris (Enigma, Fatherland), a master of the thriller genre, Archangel brings to the screen just about the most gripping four-day story of suspense drama that you could ever imagine