Captain David Jensen had one dream as a child; become a firefighter just like his dad. He was living the dream until he was injured while on duty. Due to his injury, David is assigned to a desk job at the Fire Academy and is not happy about it.

Once a hardcore fireman on the front lines, David has a tough time adjusting to his new role and so do his recruits. No matter how hard David pushes them, the recruits continue to score the lowest in the Academy. David is about to give up when a heartfelt discussion with his father reminds him of why he became a fireman in the first place; the Fireman's Pledge.

Now with a renewed purpose, David returns to the academy with a plan. Will it be too late to turn things around for this team? Will the recruits graduate and take the Fireman's Pledge?

Family Feature Film
Approximately 85 Minutes
Also Available in High Definition